Ph.D Giovanni Gilardi     


Electronic engineer, Postdoctoral researcher

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I joined the electronic engineering program at the "Sapienza - university of Rome" from where I recived the MSc and PhD in 2007 and 2011, respectively. My MSc thesis on liquid crystal on silicon devices was supervised by Prof. Antonio d'Alessandro (Dept. of electronic engineering, Sapienza). My subsequent PhD programm was about the design, fabrication and characterization of optical devices for communication systems and sensors.


I joined the "Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems" of  the italian national research council (CNR - IMM) in Rome, from January to October 2008. My activity was supervised by Dr. Romeo Beccherelli. During my affiliation at the CNR my activity was related to tuneable resonators based on microspheres and liquid crystals.


From Januray 2011 to June 2011 I was a visiting scientis at the Department of Photonics  Engineering Structured Electromagnetic Materials of DTU, "Technical University of Denmark", with supervisor Prof. Niels Asger Mortensen. During this period my scientific subject was focused on fluid tuning of plasmonic nanostructures.


On January 2012 I started my postdoctoral researcher activity at the Electrical Engineering Department - OptoElectronic Devices group of TU/e "Technical University of Eindhoven", with supervisors Prof. Meint K. Smit and Prof. Mike J. Wale. My study investigates the fundamentals limits in miniaturization and performance of photonic integrated circuits based on InP.





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